Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Treatment of Proximal Hamstring Ruptures - A Systematic Review

Int J Sports Med. 2011 May 11.


The Ohio State University, Orthopaedics, Columbus, United States.


Proximal hamstring ruptures are increasingly treated surgically, despite little high-level supporting evidence. We sought to determine whether there are differences in clinical outcome after surgical vs. non-surgical treatment of proximal hamstring tendinous avulsions/ruptures and acute vs. chronic surgical repair of tendinous avulsions. Multiple medical databases were searched for Level I-IV evidence. 18 studies were included. 298 subjects (300 proximal hamstring injuries) were analyzed with mean age of 39.7 years. 286 injuries were managed with surgical repair vs. 14 non-operative. 95 surgical cases were performed within 4 weeks of the injury (acute), while 191 were performed beyond 4 weeks (chronic). 292 injuries were tendinous avulsions while 8 were bony tuberosity avulsions. Surgical repair resulted in significantly (p<0.05) better subjective outcomes, greater rate of return to pre-injury level of sport, and greater strength/endurance than non-surgical management. Similarly, acute surgical repair had significantly better patient satisfaction, subjective outcomes, pain relief, strength/endurance, and higher rate of return to pre-injury level of sport than chronic repair (p<0.001) with reduced risk of complications and re-rupture (p<0.05). Chronic surgical repair also improves outcomes, strength and endurance, and return-to-sport, but not as well as acute repair. Non-operative treatment results in reduced patient satisfaction, with significantly lower rates of return to pre-injury level of sport and reduced hamstring muscle strength.

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