Monday, 16 May 2011

Elite Human Performance Centre

PML deliver sports science, sports medicine and cardiac screening services to the FA, UEFA, FIFA, professional football and cricket clubs and professional athletes throughout the UK.

The Lab is a consolidation of experience, learning and innovation and a hub of dedicated sports medicine professionals with common interests and who recognise the holistic nature wellbeing and of treating athletes and patients at all levels of ability. Professional clubs and individual athletes can benefit from our services for baseline assessment, injury prevention and conditioning strategies. The Lab is an ideal location to send long term injured athletes for a change of scenery and intense 1:1 conditioning and rehabilitation or when your treatment room becomes full. The Lab is a 1500 sq ft facility located in Oswestry, Shropshire and is just over an hour from Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham airports. We are 3 and a half hours from London by road. The Lab is within a beautifully restored former Maltings which retains many of the original features and provides a wonderful restful environment. It is impossible to see into the building and we have private garage parking available on site. The Lab is equipped with the latest and innovative equipment, each item being chosen individually for its merit and capabilities rather than branding.

For further information on the Lab and the services we offer, please visit or email

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