Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Specialist GP in musculoskeletal medicine Arthritis Research Campaign

Specialist GP in musculoskeletal medicine

Arthritis Research Campaign

Part-time (2 days/week) for 5 years

£40,000 per year for the 2 days

The Arthritis Research Campaign (arc) seeks to appoint a specialist GP to help build on its work to date in providing educational material for GPs on musculoskeletal disorders and to ensure that the charity increases its role as a key source of resources in this area

The successful candidate will be a qualified doctor with at least 5 years’ experience working as a GP principal or equivalent and with clinical experience of working as a specialist GP in musculoskeletal medicine. A higher degree, relevant research experience and qualifications in musculoskeletal medicine or rheumatology would be desirable.

The person appointed will be advised and informed by the arc Education Strategy Committee but will report to the Education Manager at arc head office, Chesterfield. The role will be based at the appointee’s own location, but a minimum of one day/month spent at arc head office will be required. Duties and responsibilities will include:

  • To provide advice to head office staff responsible for the section(s) of the arc website for primary care doctors
  • To provide advice to the Education Manager on research projects relating to primary care
  • To evaluate musculoskeletal on-line modules and provide recommendations to arc on the value of arc participation, and to participate in any subsequent development of material as required
  • To have a function in the leadership of commissioning defined research studies on primary care
  • To develop and assist in the delivery of event-based educational activities for GPs.

For an application pack please email Beverley Sewell on b.sewell@arc.org.uk

Completed applications must be submitted by 9 November and interviews will be held in Chesterfield between 9.30am and 2pm on Tuesday 24 November


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