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International Sports Medicine 20 -21 July 2010, The Rose Bowl, Leeds

International Sports Medicine, Science and Performance Conference
highlighting Innovations in elite sport and the Commonwealth Games
20 -21 July 2010, The Rose Bowl, Leeds

Please contact Mr Barry Hill for a booking form
E: barryghill@hotmail.com M: 07968 586 855

International Sports Medicine, Science and Performance Conference 20 -21 July 2010, The Rose Bowl, Leeds

To deliver a high level International Sports Medicine, Science and Performance Conference with a programme that will bring together national and international experts, alongside those who work in the world of elite sport – highlighting Innovations in Elite Sport and the build up to the 2010 Commonwealth Games and beyond

Current Conference Schedule:

Day One Tuesday 20 July 2010

0815Commercial Exhibition Open

Refreshments & Registration

0845 Welcome Address : Dr Lisa Hodgson

0900Keynote Address : Prof Alan Hodson Leeds Met Uni

0930Keynote : Dr Mike Turner “The sports medicine & science Team”


1045Risk management in team sports Dr Colin Fuller

Fingers & Fears: Injury & the role of self efficacy in performance rock climbing

Mr Gareth Jones (LMU)

Physical competencies & player development - Background and Rationale Mr Kelvin Giles (LMU)

1125Change over rooms

1130Keynote : Sportsmen’s Groin-Diagnosis and Therapy “minimal repair technique”

Dr Ulrike Muschaweck, Hernia Centre, Munich Football

1200Q&A Dr Ulrike Muschaweck

1215Change over rooms

1220Posterior Ankle Impingement Dr Nick Peirce Cricket

Biomechanics, Fatigue & Injury Carlton Cooke TBC (LMU)


1400Practical Workshops - 45 minutes each

Practical Kinesiotaping Company Demonstration

Hip pathology & rehabilitation Prof Ernest Schilders (LMU)

Illustrations of Assessment Mr Kelvin Giles

1445Change over rooms

1450Practical Kinesiotaping Company Demonstration

The sporting hip and groin Mr Mark Young ECB

Illustrations of Exercise Progression Mr Kelvin Giles

1535 Refreshments

1605Keynote: Medico legal aspects and doping in Cricket Mr Iain Higgins , Company Lawyer ICC, Dubai

1645 Keynote: Injury Audits in Elite Professional Football Prof Jan Ekstrand, Sweden

1725 Panel Q&A Mr Iain Higgins and Prof Jan Ekstrand

1745 Day 1 Close

1830 Conference Dinner at Rose Bowl

Day Two Wednesday July 21st 2010

0830Commercial Exhibition Open

Refreshments & Registration

0900Keynote Mr Glenn Hunter “Innovations in Team Sports Performance – exploring possibilities”

0950Change over rooms

1000Workshop Innovations in Sport - making it happen Mr Glenn Hunter

Workshop Innovations in Sport – making it happen Mr Paul Francis


Practical commercial innovations or time to visit exhibition

1130Commercial innovation 1Commercial innovation 2Commercial innovation 3


1330Keynote Dr Mike Loosemore “The Commonwealth Games”

1425Change over rooms

1430CW Science Topic 1 tbc Prof Greg Whyte

CW Medical Topic 1 tbc Dr Eleanor Tillott

CW Performance Topic 1 tbc Don Parker


1545CW sport 1 – Performance Dr Rob Chakraverty

CW sport 2 – Cycling Dr Roger Palfreeman

CW sport 3 – Gymnastics Julie Sparrow

1630 Change over rooms

1635 Closing Address: Mr Chris Hudson, Prof Alan Hodson and Dr Lisa Hodgson

1645 Conference Close


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