Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Medical Indemnity For Sports Medical Specialists

SEMPRIS has been developed specifically in response to the restrictive guidelines, policy endorsements and selective membership criteria recently applied by the medical defence organisations to doctors treating professional sports men and women .

What are the restrictive guidelines, policy endorsements and selective membership criteria?

With effect from renewal after June 2010:

1. The MDU will not indemnify members for any damages, claimants' costs and/or defence costs which relate to a claim against them by:

• the employer, agent or sponsor of a sports person who is an individual patient;

• any club, team or organisation for, with or under which a sports person who is an individual patient plays a sport; or

• the organiser or owner of any sporting event in or for which a sports person who is an individual patient plays a sport.

2. The MDU cover will not extend to treatment provided outside the UK (for example if the team is touring). Members will need to contact the MDU if they intend to accompany the team abroad, before they travel, and the MDU will then determine whether discretionary assistance might be extended to each trip.

With effect from April 2008:

1. The MPS does not provide indemnity for doctors who are employed by, or contracted to, a Premiership  Football Club.

2. Specialists/consultants should:
• not enter into a written or oral contract with an employer to treat employees for reward

• only accept referrals from other healthcare professionals not from clubs directly

• address any professional fee notes to the patient and not the employer

• review any existing relationship with an employer of a patient very carefully

SEMPRIS has been specifically developed to provide cover in these circumstances and to allow participating members to continue to practice in a manner that is compatible with the unique demands and expectations of professional sport.

For more information please visit http://www.sempris.co.uk/ or  Telephone: +44 (0) 208 770 0333

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