Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Case of the Month ?

Dear Docs, I am going to run a case of the month series on the blog and will need your help.

Basically if you have seen something interesting please send details of the case to me either by emailing me direct or via the blog submit clinical case facility. The AMSSM did this some time ago and I really think its a good idea.

In our case however it will be good to include some images too.

Now I understand from speaking to some of you bloggers you may feel a little nervous about interacting with others on this group and feeling others may judge you. Well 99.99% of us on here are very friendly and supportive and yes we all look at each others posts and think OMG sometimes but thats life.

Rather have something to say than hide away :)

Suggested format for case of the month


Physical Exam:

Initial Differential Diagnosis based on the History and Physical:

Diagnostic studies:

Final Diagnosis: Based on imaging and clinical

Treatment and Outcome:



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