Friday, 7 May 2010

Medical Director - Medical Director for IMG Mass Participation Events

Job Spec – Medical Director for IMG Mass Participation Events

London Triathlon
Blenheim Triathlon
Run to the Beat

This freelance consultant role involves working principally on the largest and most complex events of the portfolio, as well as giving advice and support on IMG’s International events. The UK based events are namely:

The London Triathlon – the largest triathlon in the world (13,000 entrants)

The Blenheim Triathlon (5,500 entrants)

Run to the Beat – London’s music half marathon (17,000 entrants)

The events include all abilities ranging from Olympic athletes through to thousands of participants experiencing triathlons for the first time. The role will receive the full support from the core full time IMG MPS team.

IN BRIEF – the role will include:

a targeted number of office days to include pre and post event meetings
recruitment, selection and coordination of the core medical team
management of all different event medical resources including the medics, equipment, additional medical support agencies (ambulances, paramedics etc.)
ensure that the Event medical strategy is continually monitored and developed throughout the year
collation of necessary medical equipment
collation and analysis of post event reports
ultimately ensuring that the delivery of a world class medical service is in place for thousands of competitors

IN DETAIL – Structure prior to each Event:

produce and update the medical strategy document
update and produce templates of Event medical records
attend agreed number of meetings organised in relation to an Event
keep the Event Medics informed of all relevant details pertaining to the Event and the medical strategy document

Structure during each Event:

briefing of core medical staff
management and deployment of core medical staff
co-ordination of 3rd parties (ambulances and paramedics etc.)
undertake and lead appropriate number of medical meetings with relevant medical parties
collate all medical report cards
ensure the strategy set out in the medical strategy document is being implemented by the Event Medics
in cases of Critical Incidents, provide sufficient information on the specific case in consultation with event Medics involved in the incident and attend relevant formal meetings and enquiries

Structure after each Event:

deliver a medical audit report, defining number, timings, nature and location of medical incidents during the Event
attend and present at the post Event de-brief meeting with IMG and other relevant parties
in cases of Critical Incidents provide sufficient information on the specific case in consultation with event Medics involved in the incident and attend relevant formal meetings and enquiries
Selected applicants will be asked to visit The Blenheim Triathlon (June 5/6) after which time they will be invited to attend an interview. Successful applicants will then be asked to shadow the current Medical Director at the London Triathlon and Run to the Beat. If this isn’t possible, an alternative can be arranged. Re-numeration to be discussed.

For further information please contact: Nick Rusling, Managing Director


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