Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sports Dr / A+ E Dr Needed asRugby 7's Medical Officer Sunday May 9th RICHMOND ATHLETIC GROUND, KEW FOOT RD, RICHMOND

Paul Goss Email

Body Logic Health Ltd

We require a doctor with sports or A+E experience to help with a 7's rugby

tournament on Sunday the 9th May, from 9.30 through till the conclusion at around

5.30. There are 24 teams playing in the event with a maximum of four games on at any

one time, you will also have a Chartered Physiotherapist (with sport or rugby

experience) and 4 St John's 1st Aiders at the event, who will also have an

ambulance. The local ambulance service and hospital (Kingston Hospital) will also be

informed of the event taking place.
You will be required to bring with you an appropriate sports trauma medical bag, with

the medication suitable for dealing with on field sporting injuries and medical problems. We will then reimburse you for the medication used. The physiotherapist will have an appropriate medical 1st aid bag with taping, and St John's will have the correct spinal boards, collars and splits for the event.

Remuneration for the day will be £300, plus medication required to be used. I will

also need a written report of injuries treated and course of action taken to assist

us in running the event.

Please contact;

Paul Goss at

Body Logic Health Ltd
Chartered Physiotherapists
Battersea Streatham
190 Battersea Park Road 6
8 Streatham Hill
London London
SW11 4ND SW2 4RD

020 7738 8712
 020 8674 3799

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