Monday, 20 May 2013

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Sports Surgery Update – 23rd May 2013

Dear colleague,

We would like to invite you to attend The Sports Surgery Update Meeting on the 23rd May at the Smith & Nephew Surgical Skills Centre

in York where all four major areas of sports surgery will be discussed.

An experienced faculty of specialist sports surgeons will lead discussions on the latest surgical techniques and contoversies in each

field followed by hands on cadaveric demonstration of surgical procedures.

The faculty convening the day are Mr Neil Hunt (Knee), Mr Simon Boyle (Shoulder), Mr Adam Budgen (Foot & Ankle), and Professor

Ernest Schilders (Hip and Groin).

Knees - Mr Hunt will discuss current controversies in ACL reconstruction, including graft choice, use of synthetics and tunnel

placement and discuss the latest techniques and rehabiliation of meniscal repairs.

Shoulders - Mr Boyle will discuss the latest developments and techniques in shoulder surgery including instability and labral injuries in

collision athletes, SLAP tears in overhead athletes and rotator cuff injuries.

Foot and Ankle - Mr Budgen will discuss recent advances in sports foot and ankle disorders including tendinopathies, ankle instabilty

and syndesmotic injuries.

Hip and Groin - Mr Schilders will discuss the surgical treatment of femoracetabular impingement and labral tears in the hip, sports

hernias and adductor/groin injuries.

All the discussions will be followed by hands on demonstrations on the latest surgical techniques and informal discussions.

Registration will begin at 9.30am, with lunch and refreshments being provided throughout the day. Once your place has been

confirmed an email with an agenda outlining the day will follow

Places on the course are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to attend the course please

let me know as soon as possible by email or by returning the reply slip to me (postal address on the top of this letter)

Once we have received your registration we will be in contact to confirm your place on the course.

Kind regards

Tanina Schillaci

Events Planner

Contact Details

Direct Line: 01480 423 256

Event: Sports Surgery Update Meeting, 23rd May 2013

Yes I would like to attend

Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________________

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