Tuesday, 29 January 2013

SEM Physician Chelmsford - Wanted

We are looking to expand an already effective Sports Medicine service in Chelmsford area by recruiting another Sports Physician. This would be 1-2 sessions per week initially but Aspen and Chelmsford Medical Centre (now branded as The Chelmsford) are keen to build on the existing service and there are possible future ventures with Private Health Insurance Companies.

You would need to be on the specialist register and happy to conform to strict clinical governance standards.

You would be working alongside excellent physiotherapists and there is already a very active MDT Pain clinic with surgeons rheumatologists and pain specialists as well as a flourishing orthopaedic surgery service. Also on site are osteopaths a podiatrist and psychologist. MRI, Xray and ultrasound are available on site. Admin support can be provided.

Anyone interested should contact Tom Crisp

Dr Thomas A Crisp
Sports Physician

Springfield & London Independent Hospitals

Clinical Director Bupa MSK Services

Practice Manager and all Appointments : 0845 556 1255

Senior Lecturer Queen Mary College University of London

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