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ISOKINETIC Football Medicine Strategies London 2013 Muscle and Tendon Injuries 22/04/2013 www.footballmedicinestrategies.com

Course Summary:

The lsokinetic Medical Group, a FlFA Medical Centre of Excellence, is proud to announce that the 22" International Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology Conference will return to London following its success in 2012. Whilst the previous conference focused exclusively on the knee, in 2013 we will concentrate on footballers' muscle and tendon injuries.

An outstanding selection of internationally recognised experts in Football Medicine will converge to share their knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas. Furthermore, we hope to continue our commitment of promoting research and scientific sharing by organising this meeting in conjunction with the FlFA & UEFA Medical Committees, F-MARC and The FA.

The conference will boast over 100 leading speakers, ranging from academics to surgeons, physiotherapists to club physicians.

The conference has been designed based upon the common challenges presented to football players and their support teams and is a unique opportunity for the global Football Medicine community to congregate and share the most recent research for practical application at all levels of the game.

--- Key Sessions ---

We have organised over 18 sessions across multiple rooms, providing each delegate with an opportunity to attend sessions they find the most interesting and relevant for their disciplines. These include the Groin Pain, Hamstriong Lesions, Upper Limb Muscle & Tendon Injuries, Quadriceps & Patellar Tendon Injuries, Calf Muscle & Achilles Tendon Injuries, Muscle & back Pain, Injection therapies and many more.

--- Conference aimed at ---

Club physicians, physiotherapists, academics in SEM, orthopaedic surgeons, sports therapists, fitness/rehabilitation coaches, sport scientists, aspirational students/trainees, coaches and General Practitioners.

--- SUMMIT – 22nd APRIL 2013 ---

The current cost of injuries in professional sport is extremely high, both in economic and social costs, making the debate around health, rehabilitation and injury prevention in professional and amateur players all the more topical.

Increasing use of artificial turf, new types of equipment, higher physical and commercial demands: as well as an increasing numbers of games played have all modified the incidence and type of injuries players experience, in turn affecting the way in which we handle rehabilitation.

Speakers at this Summit will share their own expertise from daily, on-field experience through oral presentations and practical sessions.

--- Registration ---

Before Feb 1st 2013

After Feb 2nd 2013

Both Days + Satellite Summit £375 / £200* £550 / £300*

Single day (Saturday or Sunday) £225 / £100* £275 / £150*

Satellite Summit only £75 / £50* £100 / £75*

* Denotes Student rates; a valid Student Card is required to receive these discounts

--- Further information ---

Website: www.footballmedicinestrategies.com

Twitter (@footballmed)

LinkedIn (Football Medicine Strategies for Muscle & Tendon Injuries)

Facebook (Football Medicine Strategies for Muscle & Tendon Injuries)

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