Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Spinal Injections in Sports Medicine: Practical Fluoroscopic Cadaver Course Venue: University College London Hospital. Date: March 28th 2011

Spinal Injections in Sports Medicine
28th March 2011

0815-0900 Registration
0900-0915 Introduction RC
0915-0950 Lecture: Overview of Lumbo-sacral anatomy including imaging JT
0950-1020 Lecture: Role of Spinal Injections in Sports Medicine RC
Delegates break up into 4 groups and rotate between Tutors for 20 minute Mini-tutorials
Group 1 Prolotherapy – lumbar and sacroiliac/ blind and fluoroscopic SP
Group 2 Intra-articular facet, sacroiliac joint and hip injections JT
Group 3 Nerve root blocks UJ
Group 4 Caudal epidural (including palpation of sacral hiatus) RC
1210 – 1230 Panel Discussion (Q and A) - Picking the right patient for the right procedure
(all tutors – RC to chair)
1315-1630 Cadaver lab
Delegates break up into 3 groups and rotate between Tutors for 1 hour practicals
There will be 3 prone and one supine cadaver with at least 2 fluoroscopes
Group 1 Prolotherapy (delegates practice with and without fluoroscope) SP
Group 2 Facet and Sacroiliac (with and without fluoroscope) JT
Group 3 Caudal Epidural UJ
Coffee break as required during afternoon
There will be a further cadaver in supine position where may be opportunity to try hip
injections whilst awaiting their turn elsewhere (RC)
RC Robin Chakraverty
SP Simon Petrides
JT John Tanner
UJ Usamah Jannoun
Venues: UCH Education Centre, Euston Road & Rockefeller Building, University Street, London

Course Leader:
Dr. Robin Chakraverty MSc DipSEM DipMSMed MLCOM FFSEM (Ire)
Musculoskeletal & Sports physician, Medical Officer, UK Athletics.
Dr. John Tanner DM-SMed Dip.Sports.Med FFSEM (UK) Musculoskeletal & Sports physician
Dr. Simon Petrides DO Dip.Sports.Med. FFSEM (UK) DM-SMed Musculoskeletal & Sports physician
Dr. Usamah Jannoun DM-SMed MFSEM Dman Med DNeural Med Musculoskeletal & Sports physician
The Course will provide an overview of the use of spinal injections in musculoskeletal
and sports medicine, including: Caudal Epidural, Prolotherapy, Facet and Sacroiliac
Joint Injections.

There is a significant practical element to the course with demonstrations and handson
practical experience, aiming to teach safest practice using fluoroscopic control. In
addition there will be the opportunity to practice blind techniques with emphasis on
potential pitfalls and managing acute complications.

Cost: BIMM Members £400 NON Members £450.

For a booking form please contact Deena Harris
Phone: 0208 421 9910 Fax: 0208 386 4183
e-mail: info@bimm.org.uk Web: www.bimm.org.uk

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