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Elite Rugby Medical Standards Auditor - Rugby Football Union - Please respond by 10.2.2010

Elite Rugby Medical Standards Auditor

Each year pmpgenesis on behalf of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and Premier Rugby Limited (PRL) undertake an independent audit of all 12 Premiership and selected Championship clubs as part of the Professional Game Board (PGB) Minimum Standards Criteria (the PGB is an umbrella organisation representing the RFU and PRL). The Criteria detail the minimum standards applicable to all clubs wishing to play in the Premiership for the upcoming season. The Criteria include medical standards for which an independent medical auditor is required.

The overall purpose of the Criteria is to improve the standards (business, facility and operating) within the Premiership appropriate to raising the national profile and development of the game. The medical and safety standards are in place to ensure that all Clubs have a professionally qualified support team providing high quality medical care for the benefit of players, officials and spectators.

The medical and safety elements of the Criteria define standards of medical facilities, equipment and processes for players and spectators and the audit includes an assessment of:
·         Emergency Care processes and Trauma care equipment
·         Match day medical facilities for players and spectators
·         Qualifications, Professional indemnity, CPD, appraisal processes and Hepatitis B status for medical personnel (principally Medical practitioners, Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists)
·         Clinical note keeping
·         Compliance with a number of mandatory injury reporting processes

The audit needs to be undertaken by a qualified medical practitioner, with Sport and Exercise Medicine experience in the professional club environment, clinical governance experience and with full registration with licence to practice with the General Medical Council. Previous experience of undertaking a similar role would be desirable.

Key medical audit responsibilities

Role as a specialist project consultant for the medical aspects of the audits, key tasks to:
·         attend briefing meeting with pmpgenesis and RFU/ PRL representatives to go through the audit process
·         undertake an audit of Medical and Safety related criteria for all 12 Premiership clubs (plus Championship clubs as required by the RFU/ PRL) to assess compliance with the following criteria (as detailed in the PGB Minimum Standards Criteria 2010/11 document): M1-M2, and M21-M37
·         visit each club and meet with the Head of the Medical Team (ie lead physio or club doctor). The date of the meetings/ arrangements to be set up by the consultant following pmpgenesis correspondence in February
·         complete all medical audits prior to 31 March 2010
·         write up the audit findings in full, in the agreed format, by 7 April 2010 to inform the audit process and final outputs
·         communicate with pmpgenesis members of the project team as required eg advise if there are any issues to emerge from the audit that require following up at pmpgenesis' match day audit.


The following outputs are required:
·         completion of Medical and Safety section of audit report (in accordance with an agreed project timetable)
·         clarification of reports and compliance issues through communication with the pmpgenesis team
·         provide feedback to inform the annual revision of the medical criteria, based on the audit process and findings.


£300 per club and therefore assuming a minimum of 13 clubs a minimum total fee of £3,900 plus expenses incurred at cost. Additional fees for attendance at future project team meetings etc to support the Criteria review process, will be paid at the rate of £300 per half day.

Contact details

Helen Delany
Senior Consultant

Mobile: 07919 321357

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