Monday, 29 January 2007

Web 2.0 and the Concept of Open Sports Medicine

Open Sports Medicine is a web blog aimed at bringing together current and relevant articles from the Sports Medicine literature and from Surgeons, Physicians and Rehabilitation Specialists internationally.

You will see RSS links to the most common journals in SEM on the right of the screen and at the bottom pre prepared pub med searches of common injuries and links to latest research articles. These will all automatically update.

I am looking for some volunteers from the SEM community to become regular contributors to this blog.

Extract taken from BMJ Article on Web 2.0

The more we use, share, and exchange information on the web in a continual loop of analysis and refinement, the more open and creative the platform becomes; hence, the more useful it is in our work. What seems clear is that Web 2.0 brings people together in a more dynamic, interactive space. This new generation of internet services and devices—often referred to as social software—can be leveraged to enrich our web experience, as information is continually requested, consumed, and reinterpreted. The new environment features a highly connected digital network of practitioners (medical or otherwise), where knowledge exchange is not limited or controlled by private interests. For me, the promise of open access in Web 2.0—freed of publishing barriers and multinational interests—is especially compelling.

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